Things to Consider When Planning for a Thread Lift in Singapore

Thread lift is a procedure that removes the excess skin from the lining of your face, neck, and body – such as your eyelids and underarms. The procedure takes about an hour. This may be done for cosmetic reasons, or it may be done to correct certain skin conditions like hyperhidrosis (excess sweating). It is also desirable for people who want to tighten their skin after significant weight loss.

Things to consider when planning for a thread lift in Singapore

  1. The cost of the thread lift in Singapore.

The price will vary depending on the area you prefer to be lifted. Thread lifts for eyebrows and eyelids may also cost more than a regular thread lift in Singapore.

  1. A qualified plastic surgeon.

You will have to talk to a qualified plastic surgeon who can discuss your options with you. This should not be difficult while living in Singapore, where tons of qualified surgeons are all over the place. You must also look for one who has experience in thread lift procedures so that he can perform it flawlessly every time.

  1. The procedure itself.

You need to decide on what you want the procedure to accomplish. If you want it to be purely cosmetic, you can opt for an eyebrow thread lift. In other cases, like if you have varicose veins on your neck or if your face and body have excess skin that causes the area to look unnaturally huge following weight loss – the eyelid thread lift is for you.

  1. The look after the thread lift.

If it’s purely cosmetic and done by a qualified plastic surgeon – rest assured that patients will lose inches from their face, necks, and body after they have the procedure performed.


Thread lifts can be a great alternative to cosmetic surgery if you want to get rid of excess skin on your face or body. The good thing about thread lifts is that it is less invasive and much cheaper than cosmetic surgery. Thread lifts are commonly done on the eyebrows, eyelids, neck, and underarms after significant weight loss. Men who have skin laxity can also benefit from a thread lift procedure. Talk to your doctor to discuss your options and find out which one will benefit you the most.

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