Facial Recognition For Door Access Systems in Australia

Facial Recognition For Door Access Systems in Australia


Facial Recognition technology is a great option for door access systems. This technology uses the user’s face to determine who they are and whether they are allowed to enter the building. However, it can be costly and has some limitations. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits and limitations of this technology.

Cost-effectiveness of facial recognition technology

If you are looking to implement cheap facial recognition for door access systems in your business, you may be wondering how to calculate the total cost of ownership. The answer depends on the complexity of your project, as there is no single solution that works well for every business. In addition, facial recognition is not a “one size fits all” solution – you will likely need to scale it as your business grows.

Cheap Facial Recognition for door access systems has several benefits, including greater security and privacy. These systems can recognize people even under sunglasses or masks, and in many cases, perform life-saving functions. However, many people are concerned about privacy and the widespread use of this technology. As a result, many institutions are implementing strict privacy rules to protect biometric data.


A little-known tech firm is testing facial recognition for door access systems in Australia. The company, Genvis Pty Ltd, says the trials are voluntary. The company plans to deploy the technology by 2020 in partnership with the state police of WA. The company also hopes to sell the service abroad.

The latest generation of access control systems use face recognition to provide keyless access to building facilities. This technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to scan an individual’s face. These algorithms pinpoint distances between facial features and create an identifying string of numbers. These algorithms enable door access systems to unlock doors without the need for keys.

This technology can scan an individual’s face in a crowd to determine if they have the required access. This technology is also available on smartphones. It is available for users of Android and Apple smartphones.


COMNET is a leading provider of facial recognition technology for door access systems in Australia. This technology has a wide range of uses and is increasingly being used to verify the identity of those who pose as strangers. The technology has many benefits and can be used in a variety of commercial applications, including security and marketing.

A facial recognition system uses high-resolution cameras to capture a person’s face. The system combines the photo and the face into a unique ‘coordinate’ to identify the individual. This allows it to identify an individual even if they’re wearing a mask. Face recognition systems also come with an anti-spoofing function.

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