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The TCCG application enables RAP Requests to be created, saved, and then submitted directly from your tablet. The TCCG app currently contains approximately 3,000 products approved by DVA for fulfillment by TCCG members.


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Release History

Version 2.0.31

Released 15/07/2014.

New features/updates:

  • Fix bug in server connection URL.
  • Fix bug that causes attached images to not upload to server.
  • Gallery image picker shown in correct landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Fix sync issue when switching accounts.


Version 2.0.28

Released 10/06/2014.

New features/updates:

  • App now remains logged-in, in offline and online states.
  • RAP Requests now show status of sync to server.
  • Featured and Favourites categories behave like normal categories (back navigate will return to same category).
  • Improved startup performance.
  • Prompt for confirmation before logout.
  • Bug fixes to prevent corrupt data.


Version 2.0

Released 12/05/2014.

This version has been completely re-written to support existing, and new platforms such as Android tablets and phones. We expect to release a phone version initially for iOS approximately mid July 2014, to be followed by Android phone version. Windows phone and tablet versions are also possible, though not ETA at present.

New features/updates:

  • New version, search for "TCCG DVA" on iTunes and Google Play store. Existing version 1.X can continue to be used.
  • Support for Android tablet.
  • More robust syncing and saving to server.
  • App will retreive amendments to product catalogue from server.


Version 1.4.5

Released 02/09/2013.

New features/updates:

  • Fixes issues in 1.4.4 of missing Submitted RAP Requests


Version 1.4.4

Released 15/08/2013.

New features/updates:

  • Landscape mode.
  • Updated with latest products set.
  • Now correctly displays obsolete/retired products in RAP Requests, and permits removal.
  • Fix of bug that prevented saving when "&" character was in comment or text.
  • Corrections to Schedule ID's and Approved Provider information for certain products.
  • Moved refresh button to top of RAP screen to make it easier to "Refresh All".

Known issues:

  • After a full install, the Contractor list may be empty. To fix this in the TCCG app:
  1. Press Account
  2. Press Update Settings
  3. Press "Refresh" button at top right of screen, this will perform full refresh of data and update the Contractor list.
  • For some users, Submitted RAP grid does not show all RAPs, please upgrade to version 1.4.5 .

Version 1.4.2

Released 01/04/2013.

New features:

  • Fix of intermittent issue where RAP changes on iPad could rarely be overwritten with data from server, when server save failed.
  • Correction of product 72415-70025 to have Schedule ID AE05.
  • Button to copy client details from existing RAP into client list.
  • Surname/Given names enable auto-capitals, disable auto-spell for RAP and Client screen


Version 1.4.1

Released 01/03/2013.

New features:

  • Fix to show Local Clients correctly in list.
  • Locality dropdown list now populated correctly.
  • Fixed missing images for Murray Bridge chairs.

Known issues:

  • In certain circumstances, RAP record on ipad is being overwritten with old data from server. ETA for fix is 29/03/2013.


Version 1.4 

Released 17/02/2013.

New features:

  • Clients can be created and managed directly on the iPad. Everyone now has their own copy of a clients details rather than viewing the TCCG created data. When creating a RAP, clients shown are now displayed from your local client list.
  • Ability to create Case Notes for clients in your list.
  • Can now attach a Case Note to a RAP Request - to save you retyping information. 
  • Case Notes can be selected, and sent via email, using password to encrypt information.
  • Favourites/Search/Catalog menu condensed to one menu, to make room for Client menu.
  • Comments can be made against products in the RAP Request.


Fixes & Improvements:

  • Updated with latest product set as approved by DVA.
  • Performance improvements to saving and submitting RAP Requests.
  • Improvements to correctly get status of current RAP Requests.
  • Images scaled correctly in product view.
  • Log file is now compressed when sending via email.
  • RAP comment field now much wider, to make it easier to see what is being typed.
  • General User Interface cleanup and improvements to wording/help messages.

Known issues with 1.4:

There are a couple of minor issues we are aware of. An update will be released (ETA 25/2/2013) to fix such issues:

  • When viewing a Client record the no data is shown for the "Locality" and "Delivery Locality" fields, when there should be data. This means that if you use choose this client on the RAP screen, you will need to select the correct Locality/Delivery Locality to complete the RAP Request.
  • Images are missing for Murray Bridge chairs. To see the missing images, these products can be viewed on the Country Care Group website.